Church Commissions

Commissions have the task of providing ministry to our congregation, the community, and the world as we try to live out our mission statement. Commissions are consist of people discerned to provide guidance and direction in the following areas:


The Worship Commission works together to develop and create worship opportunities for Sunday mornings and other worship events that are appropriate for the life of the church as we are continually renewed through our openness to God.


This Commission works with the pastors to facilitate attention and care for people attending Willow Avenue Mennonite Church to recognize milestones, transitions, crises, and other important occasions. The commission looks for opportunities to encourage participation as a sharing and caring community accountable to one another; a witnessing and serving community, ministering in the name of Christ to the needs of others wherever they may be; and to be peace-makers and reconcilers.


The Fellowship Commission encourages and facilitates fellowship opportunities for the congregation through meals, and other celebrations as we seek to be a sharing and caring community who ministers to each other. 


This Commission seeks to connect with agencies and people globally as well as locally through community ministry in which people at Willow Avenue Mennonite Church are involved. They look for opportunities to encourage and enable others to come to new life in Christ and to be peace-makers who practice the love of enemies as taught by Christ.

christian education

Christian Education is divided in two Commissions to better serve and teach the congregation according to age and life stage. These Commissions exist to help to encourage and enable others to come to new life in Christ and become His disciples, to know and do Christ’s teachings as reflected in the Bible, our authoritative guide to faith and daily living, and to be a teaching and learning community in which the gifts and insights of each are treasured, encouraged, and used.

resource Ministries

The Resource Ministries Commission informs, educates, and encourages the congregation in the broader meaning of stewardship: physically, spiritually, and financially. It also provides oversight and takes responsibly for the church campus.