Our Mission Statement

We believe Christians are to follow Jesus Christ daily and radically in every aspect of life. We are dedicated, therefore, to be an inclusive community, without discrimination, promoting an atmosphere of love, openness and acceptance of all who participate with us in our commitment:

  • To know and do Christ’s teachings as reflected in the Bible, our authoritative guide to faith and daily living.
  • To encourage and enable others to come to new life in Christ and become His disciples.
  • To be a worshiping community, continually renewed through our openness to God.
  • To be a sharing and caring community accountable to one another.
  • To be a teaching and learning community in which the gifts and insights of each are treasured, encouraged, and used.
  • To be a witnessing and serving community, ministering in the name of Christ to the needs of others wherever they may be.
  • To be peace-makers and reconcilers,
    practicing the love of even enemies as taught
    by Christ.