Christian Education

Here at Willow Avenue Mennonite, we strive to be a teaching and learning community in which the gifts and insights of each are treasured, encouraged, developed, and used. We offer different Sunday school classes during our Christian Education Hour (11:10 am - 12 pm every Sunday). 


During the Christian Education Hour, our children meet in the library. They have a curriculum that follows a four week rotation: Service, Arts and Crafts, International, and Library Sundays. 


All junior and senior high students meet with Pastor Whitney Allen during the Christian Education Hour.

Youth will not be meeting this coming Sunday. Enjoy Easter Sunday!


Our current Adult Sunday School series is "Life Journey".

Adult Sunday School will not be hosted this coming Sunday. Enjoy Easter Sunday!

Sermon TAlk

SermonTalk provides an opportunity to discuss the sermon more in depth with the preacher. 

SermonTalk will not be hosted this coming Sunday.

Friendship class

The Friendship class is a special place where adults with intellectual disabilities come to learn about Jesus and grow in their faith. They meet each week, during the Christian Education Hour, in the classroom on the North end of the Fellowship Hall.